I’m A Dreamer

I’m a Dreamer, but not in the sense implied in this song (which is an awesome addition to any gym music playlist by the way).  Most nights when I close my eyes to sleep, I dream. Sometimes it’s a dream with one theme; at other times, it’s several vignettes which may or may not have interlocking themes. And my dreams are always in colour.

This is the most recent edition, and it’s the vignette variety. I jotted them down as I woke up this morning, otherwise as the day wears on, I forget. Completely.

Denya Is A Fraud

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Holy Toledo!!!

At the Hardware store this morning, I saw this scale.



Scales are not my friend.

These two cartoons say it all.

scale2                                                                            scale3

I didn’t cry or curse when I stepped on the scale this morning. I just said

“Holy Toledo!!!!!!!!”

Mounted Memories

I spotted two Mounted Policemen in my neighbourhood recently and had a nice chat with one of the officers. Up close, the horses appear giant sized, almost too big for their legs. When I see Mounted Policemen, I always flash back to my ride to high school in the mornings.  In those days [dates herself], there were fewer traffic lights. To direct the busy school traffic, Mounted Policemen were used. I always looked forward to seeing the horses. And I love horse racing too. They are such beautiful creatures. Pity they have to be put down when their legs get injured.

When I asked the officer about their diet, he said he had just put them to feed on some grass in an open lot up the road [free gardener :)]. Immediately I thought “see, even horses are on a plant-based diet sometimes.”  But I digress. Take a look at this beautiful animal.

Beautiful creatures

Beautiful creatures

Do you need to find free photos on the web?

Check out this post from Digital Inspiration. I like this blog a lot. The guy posts really great information about tech tools. Found out a lot of new things once I started following him.

Ten Commandments Of Physiotherapy

As a physiotherapy patient on and off for the last seven years, I found this article interesting.

For #1, I am gradually shifting to this way of thinking since a different method was tried on an injury and it yielded success.

Number # 4 I am totally in agreement with. Fortunately, I have had a good connection with most of my therapists (England, Grenada, Jamaica).

Do you use these words incorrectly?

Saw this article and thankfully, I don’t use these words incorrectly…..I think! Check it out and score yourself.