Wouldn’t it be great if……

Wouldn’t it be great if……

Listen to Marie talk about a brainstorming tool she uses to come up with big ideas. Find three of your own. Start the sentence with “wouldn’t it be great if……..” .

Borrowing 101: My Rude Awakening

Just catching up on my reading today and went back to an article entitled Five Things You Need to Know About Borrowing by Cherryl Hanson Simpson. This paragraph caught my attention.

The method of calculating interest can make a big difference to the total amount you end up paying. Reducing balance loans calculate interest on your principal balance after each payment is made. Other loans work out the total interest over the term, and divide this cost into equal payments.

I chuckled as I remembered the rude awakening I had in the Bank Manager’s office.  Continue reading

My Dreams: Many Twists and Turns…in colour

When people say they don’t dream, I think “half your life is over man” but I just say “really? I dream almost every night…and in colour too”. Sometimes it is about real situations and people. Sometimes the characters are unknown and unforgettable. Those of you who dream often will know that if you don’t write it down immediately after waking, you will forget it. Not only that, sometimes by the time you wake up, you forgot that you had a dream until later in the day someone may say something or you might be doing something when you remember “hey, I dreamed about that last night”.

I’ve grabbed my Blue Mountain Coffee to sit down and tell you about last night’s dream.  Continue reading

The Middle Passenger

My seat choice is always the same. Aisle seat near the front of the plane. That allows me to stretch out my legs, [albeit in the aisle and risk it being tripped over] and also to get to the loo without inconveniencing others. But I waited too late to check in online and the only aisle seats were way in the back of the plane. That wouldn’t do. So I took a chance on a middle seat in my usual location. What would my neighbours be like, I wondered. Continue reading

Mind Over Bladder

The Bladder……all of us have one as part of the Urinary Tract system. Hands up if like me, sometimes you curse it for being super efficient at the wrong times!


Inside view of our organs

Inside our bodies, it secretly plots to put you on the verge of an embarrassing moment, not realizing that unlike newborns, we don’t drive around with a diaper bag and a change of clothing.

I’ve always been a frequent goer. After surgery, the frequency remained but the volume increased. I can P.O.D. even if I just did it, so I have no fear if I have to do a urine test at the doctor.

On the days when I have to go out, which has been more often last week and this week, I have to calculate how far I have to drive and determine where the possible pit stops are. A few days ago however, I decided I would see if I could use my mind to control my bladder (without getting cystitis!).  Continue reading