Pics from birthday past

I have a folder in my pictures folder called “Birthdays”. They are THAT important. Here are some more pictures….for a limited time only. This post will disappear when I turn into a pumpkin on the night of my birthday.

Ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, Michigan 2012

Ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, Michigan 2012

A fabulous fete on a hill overlooking Kingston, 2006

A fabulous fete on a hill overlooking Kingston, 2006

Also in Michigan, 2012

Also in Michigan, 2012

Northern Grenada, 2009

Northern Grenada, 2009

Making a point at a small gathering, Jamaica 2010

Making a point at a small gathering, Jamaica 2010

At a little cafe in London, 2011, where my opera-singing friends treated me by singing happy birthday....loudly!

At a little cafe in London, 2011, where my opera-singing friends treated me by singing happy birthday….loudly!

At Fort George 2013, after returning from Carriacou pre-birthday. Fort George is where they killed Grenada's Maurice Bishop and others.

At Fort George 2013, after returning from Carriacou pre-birthday. Fort George is where they killed Grenada’s Maurice Bishop and others.

Pre-birthday views and celebrations

Normally I would have started the celebrations from 1st October and in fact, when I turned a significant age a few years ago, I celebrated for the whole year. This year, work has kept me busy, so it started late, on Friday, with lunch at the hotel I used to work at. Yesterday was the beach and today I was back for lunch at the hotel again. Here are some scenes. No captions necessary…though I did add some :)

Grenada is one seriously beautiful island….like Jamaica.


Grand Anse Beach


Panoramic shot


The birthday girl


Healthy eating


View from the lunch area

20141019_174921 (1)

Lagoon by dusk


Teeny tiny cake

Make a wish!

Make a wish!


Beautiful sky

20141019_174843 20141019_175959



Birthday cake’s in the bag

Last weekend, I was feeling industrious so picked up a box of cake mix in the supermarket. I don’t normally buy these things. Having worked in hotels all my life, sweet treats were available whenever. And at the last place I worked, I would have been guaranteed to get a cake…..chocolate. Here’s last year’s version.

Chocolate Cake with a nutty coating. Yum!

Chocolate Cake with a nutty coating. Yum!

Ok, so my camera wasn’t very good.

I should have said cakeS, because there was a second one baked by a friend.

Another delicious cake, this time with coffee.

Another delicious cake, this time with coffee.

Since I no longer have the hotel option, I thought I’d bake my own cake. But why so early Yamfoot? Well, this weekend I might not have felt like baking.

Duncan Hines really is moist!

Duncan Hines really is moist!

There was a lil crack in the cake. Guess I didn’t grease the pan enough. I decided to make a layered cake, but did not buy frosting because that would have been just too much sugar. So I whipped up some yogurt with frozen blueberries. Here’s the remnants of that mixture.

My low sugar version of frosting

My low sugar version of frosting

When I was whipping up the frosting, I realized that as it was yogurt based, it couldn’t stay outside. So I cut up the cake in smaller pieces, wrapped each in foil and they are resting comfortably in the freezer. That was also a measure to prevent me from eating all at once!

In a few days, I will be whipping out one of the packages and saying “happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeee”. Look on the sidebar to see when’s the birthday. Usually I don’t work on my birthday but no choice this year. I will probably be at a business lunch, so not too bad.

I didn’t want to gamble….

….and I was selfish.

This came up in conversation this past week so it reminded me that I had promised to put my thoughts to paper. What am I talking about? The decision not to have kids. It was very clear to me early on in life that this was not something I would want, for two reasons. I was selfish and I didn’t want to gamble.

For the selfish part, once you have children, your life is (mostly) no longer your own. Any decision would have to include them and in all likelihood, the decision would not have been 100% what I wanted. (Same reason there is no husband.) I only wanted to have to consider one person during the chase for happiness.  Continue reading

From The Archives

I’ve had the blog since 2003. It’s somewhere sleeping, hopefully to be revived. In the mean time, I have had fun going through old posts. How did I get to find out I could do this? Through that very useful website Digital Inspiration! Using the Wayback Machine, you can find old posts, if they were captured. So if you have lost a website, go look up old webpages through this Internet Archive website. Here is a page from the blog in 2005. I thought the Brian Lara post was quite funny. Take a read.

Here’s why GoDaddy is behind Bluehost

So, per my previous post, I am transferring a domain name from GoDaddy to Bluehost. I am having difficulty, so I sign up for GoDaddy Chat. The Service Rep seems like she is tearing out her hair to figure out why I cannot get through with what I need to get through with.  Then she makes the cardinal error by exposing to the customer – me – weaknesses in her company’s systems.

Here is part of the convo…. Continue reading

Choose Bluehost

I was introduced to Bluehost at a bootcamp I went to hosted by Internet Income Jamaica. Before that, I had only heard about Go Daddy. Those Danica Patrick ads came into my email In Box and on my (foreign) TV channels.


So when the tutors said we would be signing up with Bluehost to host the website we were building, I thought “I hope this is not no dibby-dibby small town hosting company”. Well, from that very day, I encountered difficulty. I had already owned several domain names and wanted to use one of them instead of registering yet another. THAT presented a problem.

Enter Bluehost’s terrific support team to ease my frustrations. First, they have online chat, which really is online and instant. I like to ask MANY MANY questions. The fella was quite patient and was very clear in his reply. This was on Superbowl Sunday by the way. There were several email exchanges afterwards. Credit card verification was required and I wondered how the dickance I was going to find a scanner. Fella said “take a picture of it with your phone and email it”. Now why didn’t I think of that!

Since then, I have had one or two reasons to ask them questions and it has always been the same.

Now, I am about to transfer Yamfoot from Go Daddy and I went on to Bluehost and they have a “Walk Me Through” feature where you click on this button and they literally take you step by step. Sure, there are written instructions and video instructions but for my brain, it’s much easier to understand somebody showing me step by step what to do.

So, if you are wanting to create your own website and don’t want to use one of the free services because maybe you want to monetize it, then I wholeheartedly recommend Bluehost especially because of their Support Service. Well done!

***meanwhile, back at the Go Daddy ranch, I’m waiting on Danica’s people to email me a code so I can drive on over to Bluehost. Wouldn’t have this much of a wait were I transferring from Bluehost I am sure.***