#Beach days = #Happy days

When I am old and grey, I will look back and remenisce very fondly on these once a week beach days. Days of doing nothing but lie in the sun, listening to music. 

Lazy beach days

Some days I go in the sea….some days not. Of late I have been swimming as part of exercise. Marching towards 50 quickly.

For that celebration, I am going to the country to stay sonewhere by the sea. As a kid we went to the country often. Days were filled with the sea, food and card games. So I will try and recreate that. No fancy event. Just chillin’


Can’t recall how I came across this eating concept. Perhaps it was the “The 8 hour diet” by David Zinczenko, or maybe while surfing.

The first time I tried it a few years ago, I had a headache for the first day. I was a “eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking” kinda person, from ever since. Back then, I had to have coffee at least, and not black, in order to last out the fasting period after waking. Nowadays, I just have warm water and some green tea without sugar, and I am good until it is time to eat. It is a quick way to get a flat (ish) stomach.

Here is an infographic detailing the benefits and also the schedule one might follow. Give it a try. Intermittent Fasting has been in the news lately. It’s called IF for short.

Sleep trumps conscience

I don’t like to kill lizards, unless it is a croaking lizard or ‘wood slave’ as some folks call it. Tonight a non-croaker found its way into my kitchen when I left the front door open. There it was, perched on the wall high above the boxes on my kitchen cabinets.


Normally lizards who find themselves inside a house are in an easily accessible place. I’d usually use the broom and coax it. That wouldn’t work in this case. My siblings suggested I leave it and go to bed. I decided not to, as my windows have screens so he would not have been able to get out.

One by one, I removed the boxes. On the second to last one, the lizard came down. When the box fell on the floor, he scurried away outside….or so I thought.

After getting ready for bed, I entered the bedroom to find said lizard high on my wall!


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What are your daily #habits ?


@EstelleDarlings is in #Grenada at @Grenadamusicfes


Estelle is in Grenada! Nuff said

21/03: The weigh in…

First thing Monday morning I was at the gym to weigh in and get measured.

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Gym episode 20/03: Last chance workout…on my own

Damion Daniel was unavailable to train me on Sunday. Although I was accustomed to working out on my own all these years, I have come to rely on him pushing me to, as he told me, where my body has never gone before. Let’s see what I could put together for this “last chance workout,” still under his watchful eye as he was in the gym.


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