Intermittent Fasting: Day 1 of ????

I’ve tried Intermittent Fasting before. It’s what Dave Zinczenko calls the 8-hour diet. Apparently there are different ways to do Intermittent Fasting. Who knew! The first time I tried IF, I had a headache the first morning I did not eat breakfast, even though I had had coffee, which you are allowed. This time, I am going to TRY and not have any coffee until the 16 hour fast is over.

Today I had my first meal at 7 a.m., then my last meal at 5:30 p.m. Because I have to teach tomorrow, I will have to eat by 7:30 a.m. so the first day will be a 14 hour fast.  My students need not see my Incredible Hulk transformation due to hunger.

How do I feel right now at 10:30 p.m.? That I should’ve been sleeping already so I would not feel these hunger pangs!! Damn. All now, I would have been eating non-stop. Yes, night time noshing is my weakness. Need to find something to occupy my time in the evenings, besides work. HGTV is trying to fill the gap, but on House Hunters just now, they showed a family buying ice cream in New Jersey and I had to turn away. :(

Check back so I can let you know how I am surviving Intermittent Fasting and more importantly, if there has been any positive effect on my weight loss efforts, which is why I am torturing myself in the first place. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Typical Jamaica

In October 2005, I wrote this somewhere.

Jamaica is just so depressing. Everything about it. I am miserable everytime I come back here. 

Early November is when I leave again, and I am hoping that I don’t come back here for a long, long time. I’m going to take my Caricom Certificate of Recognition and roam, roam, roam. 

This island is doomed. I don’t know why anyone would choose to move back here.

Today I had to go to Duke Street to get a Police Certificate. A couple of incidents today made me feel not too different from that 2005 opinion. True, there are lots of great things about Jamaica, but there seems to be some things which have seeped into our DNA, that I don’t know how they will be exorcised.

Just opposite the Police place is a car park. Great. A man directed me to park. I got out and asked what do I pay, where and when. He said I pay after, and it is $100 to park, $50 for the first hour and then a tip for him. What??????????????????????????????????? Watch me and him when I come out. Continue reading

#Dream last night was so real, it’s uncanny!

Haagen Daz, carrot cake, chocolate cake, groundnut cake…..they all must have contributed to the very vivid dream I had last night.

Vignettte 1

Happened to pass by outside of a media personality’s house. She was dressed up and so was her daughter (Right before I had gone to bed, I had strolled through my Instagram feed and saw a picture of her at NDTC). Although in real life, I don’t know her except on Social Media, we had a nice chat. Then I had somewhere to get to, so I left after a few minutes.

Vignette 2

Saw a girl who was a year above me at secondary school. In real life she is married. In the dream, she introduced me to her husband and a son. I don’t know if she has a son in real life. When she was introducing me, she said “this is my son….we have two helpers, one for him and one for us.” She said it again during the conversation, which took place at a dining table. I got the impression that the teen was messy (like….duh….weren’t we all?). I left her because I had somewhere to go. (“I have things to do!”)

Vignette 3

This was the scariest part, but in a way, I knew it was going to be ok in the end (just like how I think about things in me doh worry.).  So I am driving and I see two roads. I take the one I think will get me there without traffic. I thought I had hit a gold mine when after passing some houses and no car, there was nice smooth Obama-like roads!  Then the road turned into dirt. What that????? It was descending, I was driving fast, and it appeared that there was nowhere on either side for me to run off to. i.e. either precipice or water on either side. Me doh remember.

When the road descended into a dark place like a cave, still on a dirt road, I had to stop and did. I got out and went to the edge and looked down. There was Dr Carolyn Gomes in a yellow hard hat with a lot of other peeps down below. Looked like they were excavating. Maybe they were in a gold mine??? :) They were about to help me with ropes and such the like, when I woke up.

(Don’t ask. Story of my dreams. Very vivid. Very colourful.)

Thoughts about aging

As you get older, do your thoughts change about aging? Do you see visible signs that lets you know you are getting older? I was on a plane a few years ago and started scribbling a mind map and notes on aging. Just wrote it up as an article which was published on The Caribbean Current.

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#Cricket, Lovely NIGHT Cricket!

Happy as a pig in swill. Sabina Park has lights! So this year our CPL T20 matches start at 6 pm instead of early afternoon. The crowd love it. I loooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it! Reminds me of the Stanford T20. Great excitement all around.

Anyway, I had to explain that I was missing in action due to work pressures. I felt like I was in an abyss. I have slowly crawled out….almost. Won’t complain, since it allowed me to purchase a plane ticket to come see the Jamaica matches under light. You know how I love to gaddabaout!

Happpppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee like papppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Check my Flickr page for photos and videos. 

RIP #JohnnyKemp (Nostalgia Nassau Post)

Just read online that Johnny Kemp died in Jamaica. Immediately, my mind flashed back to my days living in the Bahamas. I was there when the song “Just Got Paid” came out. We used to go to a club called Club Waterloo and the house band played the song often (and I liked the drummer :)). It was also on heavy rotation on the radio stations.

I’ve posted before how hearing certain songs takes me back…..way back. “Just Got Paid” took me back to 1988, in a great club on East Bay Street with friends who I am still friends with today. All these years I never knew he was Bahamian. So that explains why it was played so often.

RIP Johnny Kemp. It’s Friday night.