Following #TheFollowing

This is not normally my kind of show. Gruesome murders. Multiple in fact. Season 1 was a killer…pun intended. But I have stuck with The Following on Fox, starring Kevin Bacon. I can’t tell you what movies Bacon starred in and I can’t recall how I got to start watching it. Oh. I think it was a friend on Facebook who posted about it when Season 1 had just started.

Every Monday night I was glued. The writing is good, the acting is great and the casting crew really did a good job. All the characters are believable. Tonight was the premiere of Season 3. Just enough to whet the appetite.

Usually after The Following on Fox, I would then turn to The Nanny. Needed something light and trivial to get the gruesomeness out of my mind. But no Nanny, so the news will have to do.

Do you watch The Following? If not, you should start following The Following on Fox.

Which Content Management System (#CMS) Should Your Website Use? @Udemy Blog


Personally, I am ok with WordPress!

Trinidad Carnival 2015 Music

This was the year to be in Trinidad for Carnival. Pity I couldn’t have gone. The music was da bomb. Here is one of my favourites courtesy of the Sound Cloud software. Nice African beat. Makes me want to get a wide skirt and twirl around.

Paris Hilton…I like your spirit

“That’s hot” :)

Was listening to her on Wendy Williams talking about all the things she is involved with. Apart from being a hotel heir, she has a perfume line, she has tons of stores in Asia and Europe and she gets paid A LOT of money to DJ. Part of the segment was about some sour graped DJs saying that she just come and imagine she getting more money than them.

I like Paris Hilton’s spirit because she is clearly about coming alive in this life, having fun and having her hands in a lot of pies. Eat on Paris.

A Wild Ride Of A Dream!

I dream. A lot. And in colour. Sometimes it reflects real life situations which are current. Other times they are weird and wild, like this one from 2011. When I wake up, I don’t always remember that I dreamed until later in the day something happens and I say “oh yeah…..listen to what mi dream last night”

An article I read recently talked about being aware while you’re dreaming, or not. Last night I was very conscious that I was dreaming, and wishful that I wasn’t. Here’s what happened.

I was in a hotel. I was not a guest, but am not sure if I was an employee or just a Consultant on a short term gig. The dream started with me and the Hotel Manager walking across the poolside, with the air very expectant of exciting things to come later. The pool was quite large. While walking we saw a plane flying overhead, dangerously low. In my mind I thought “it’s almost like it wants to crash.” Well, a few seconds later, that is indeed what happened. Splash! Down in the pool it came, then turned belly up. There was no fire thank goodness.  Continue reading

12 reasons to tempt you to drop everything and move to Grenada

I agree with everything Michelle Peterson had to say in this article. Having lived here mostly for the better part of 17 years though, there are somethings she mentions which I have not yet experienced. Better get a move on it!

Paradise Beach, Carriacou (one of the 3 islands which make up the state of Grenada)

Paradise Beach, Carriacou (one of the 3 islands which make up the state of Grenada)

What Can I Give Up For Lent?

I wouldn’t call myself religious, however, having grown up in Sunday School and Youth Church, I would like to think I still have some modicum of spirituality in me (that is another blog post sometime). I can’t recall if I have ever given up anything for Lent, however, as this year is the second one where I am trying to discover and try new experiences, I was seriously  thinking about what I could bear to give up.

Coffee? Continue reading